Mentoring the 2nd career

Well-being thanks to mentoring. How is our health related to mentoring?

Have you ever thought about how mentoring and your health might be related?


Do you feel stressed?


Do you have some personal or job-related issues?


Are you struggling to communicate with other people? (Colleagues, family, etc.)

Mentoring may help you in all these situations. But how?

  • The mentoring relationship involves the provision of emotional support to the mentee. When you have a Mentor, they listen and give you advice. They also challenge your negative self-views. All this enhances your self-confidence and self-esteem.




  • Mentors may promote your physical health and well-being by engaging in activities with you. For example, if you choose “Walking Mentoring,” you will go with your Mentor for a long walk. You will likely hike somewhere in nature. “Walking Mentoring” can be a significant benefit to your physical and mental health.




  • Mentors may help you deal with relationships that include your parents, siblings, colleagues, etc. They can help you choose strategies to solve problems at work, home, or school.




  • A mentee’s experience of a trusting and close relationship with a mentor helps them create a positive relationship with others.


As you can see, Mentoring can be associated with positive health benefits, and relationship outcomes.

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