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I help companies transform their culture so employees feel seen, recognized, and valued, fostering a sense of belonging and motivation that drives individual and collective success.

Career program “SHIFT” – Step into the next career chapter  

🔸 Lifestyle & Professional Future

I empower professionals to explore and embrace new career possibilities with confidence and courage, providing tailored coaching and mentorship every step of the way.

What I share?

Mentoring, Coaching, and Mindset!


For professionals


🔸I dedicate some of my time to empowering professionals who want to step into the next career chapter and transform their professional lives. Together, we navigate through:

✔️ Cultivating Clarity and Direction

✔️ Uncovering and Leveraging Skills and Strengths

✔️ Embracing Change with Confidence

✔️ Conquering Imposter Syndrome

✔️ Crafting Financial Strategies for Success

✔️ Building a Supportive Network

✔️ Navigating Cultural Transitions

✔️ Defying Age or Experience Biases

✔️ …

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For company


🔸I help companies transform their culture so employees feel seen, recognized, and valued, fostering a sense of belonging and motivation that drives individual and collective success.

I specialize in consulting companies on organizational culture change, seeking sustainability goals, assessing existing mentoring programs, designing new ones, and training and consulting mentors, mentees, company mentoring program managers, and HR partners.

I draw from my experience as a mentee, mentor, manager, coach, and mentoring program manager, along with insights from leading experts in the field and research findings.

That, consequently, nurtures a mentoring culture within organizations.

🔸Mentoring programs play a vital role in advancing each pillar of sustainability.

✔️ Regarding environmental sustainability, mentoring facilitates knowledge transfer and skill development related to eco-friendly practices, such as waste reduction, energy conservation, and sustainable resource management. Mentors guide mentees in adopting environmentally responsible behaviors both in their personal lives and within organizational contexts.

✔️ For social sustainability, mentoring programs promote inclusivity, diversity, and community engagement. Mentors support and guide individuals from some groups, helping them access education, employment, and social integration opportunities. Mentoring relationships also foster empathy, mutual respect, and understanding across diverse backgrounds, contributing to stronger, more cohesive communities.

✔️ In the realm of economic sustainability, mentoring facilitates career development, entrepreneurship, and financial literacy. Mentors share their expertise and networks to help mentees navigate career pathways, develop essential skills, and achieve economic independence. Additionally, mentoring programs focused on business and entrepreneurship support the growth of sustainable enterprises, guiding aspiring entrepreneurs in adopting socially and environmentally responsible business practices.

Mentoring programs are powerful vehicles for promoting sustainability by empowering individuals to make positive changes in their lives, communities, and organizations across the environmental, social, and economic dimensions.




Kucin Louvigny

🔸Accredited Mentoring Program Manager

🔸Business Mentor&Coach

🔸 HR Business Partner

🔸 Founder @Mentoring Culture

🔸 Author of the career program SHIFT, reflective practice journals for mentors and mentees. 

Blog - Mentoring Culture

1 : 1 Session with Sonata

🔸Coaching/Mentoring in Career SHIFT for professionals ➡️ Step Into The Next Career Chapter 

🔸Training “How to create a Successful Mentoring program?”

🔸Training “How to create a Successful Mentoring Relationship?”

🔸Training “Boost the effectiveness of your mentoring programs through mentor’s accreditation.”

🔸 Mentoring Program Health Check ➡️ Is your mentoring program operating effectively?

🔸Mentoring programs design and launch🔸 Onboarding training for mentors and mentees

🔸 Consultations for companies that seek to change company culture and embed sustainability into their organization’s DNA

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