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I help companies transform their culture so employees feel seen, recognized, and valued, fostering a sense of belonging and motivation that drives individual and collective success.

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I empower professionals to explore and embrace new career possibilities with confidence and courage, providing tailored coaching and mentorship every step of the way.

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“How to create a Successful Mentoring program?”

Onboarding training for Mentors and Mentees.

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Kucin Louvigny

🔸 EMCC Global Accredited Mentoring Program Manager

🔸 Mentor&Coach

🔸 HR Business Partner

🔸 Founder @Mentoring Culture

🔸 Author of the career program SHIFT, reflective practice journals for mentors and mentees. 

Blog - Mentoring Culture

What I share?

Mentoring, Coaching, and Mindset!


For professionals


🔸I dedicate some of my time to empowering professionals who want to step into the next career chapter and transform their professional lives. Together, we navigate through:

✔️ Cultivating Clarity and Direction

✔️ Uncovering and Leveraging Skills and Strengths

✔️ Embracing Change with Confidence

✔️ Conquering Imposter Syndrome

✔️ Crafting Financial Strategies for Success

✔️ Building a Supportive Network

✔️ Navigating Cultural Transitions

✔️ Defying Age or Experience Biases

✔️ …

Blog - Mentoring Culture

For company


🔸I help companies transform their culture so employees feel seen, recognized, and valued, fostering a sense of belonging and motivation that drives individual and collective success.

I specialize in consulting companies on organizational culture change, seeking sustainability goals, assessing existing mentoring programs, designing new ones, and training and consulting mentors, mentees, company mentoring program managers, and HR partners.

I draw from my experience as a mentee, mentor, manager, coach, and mentoring program manager, along with insights from leading experts in the field and research findings.

That, consequently, nurtures a mentoring culture within organizations.

🔸Mentoring programs play a vital role in advancing each pillar of sustainability.

✔️ Regarding environmental sustainability, mentoring facilitates knowledge transfer and skill development related to eco-friendly practices, such as waste reduction, energy conservation, and sustainable resource management. Mentors guide mentees in adopting environmentally responsible behaviors both in their personal lives and within organizational contexts.

✔️ For social sustainability, mentoring programs promote inclusivity, diversity, and community engagement. Mentors support and guide individuals from some groups, helping them access education, employment, and social integration opportunities. Mentoring relationships also foster empathy, mutual respect, and understanding across diverse backgrounds, contributing to stronger, more cohesive communities.

✔️ In the realm of economic sustainability, mentoring facilitates career development, entrepreneurship, and financial literacy. Mentors share their expertise and networks to help mentees navigate career pathways, develop essential skills, and achieve economic independence. Additionally, mentoring programs focused on business and entrepreneurship support the growth of sustainable enterprises, guiding aspiring entrepreneurs in adopting socially and environmentally responsible business practices.

Mentoring programs are powerful vehicles for promoting sustainability by empowering individuals to make positive changes in their lives, communities, and organizations across the environmental, social, and economic dimensions.


Sonata provided me with valuable advices and encouraged me to ask myself important questions. I truly appreciate the time she spent with me. Her insights were incredibly helpful, and I’m grateful for her dedication and support!

Agile Project Manager, Scrum Master

I had the pleasure of working with Sonata for a mentoring/ coaching sessions and it was a positive experience. Sonata provided valuable insights and practical strategies in order to achieve my goals. Her approach was supportive and encouraging, which helped me to feel confident and motivated to take action. I appreciate how she took the time to listen to my concerns and tailored her advice to my needs. Overall, I would recommend Sonata as a mentor/coach for anyone looking to improve their professional and personal development.

Marketing and Communication Professional

Once again, thank you for your time, smiles, and advice, which was helpful, insightful, and tailored specifically for me. You advised me accurately on what I could pay attention to, who I could consult with specific questions, and where I could gain the necessary knowledge.

Product Development Manager

Time was spent usefully and productively. The mentor considers the individual situation and applies appropriate and relevant methodologies. Communication is warm, inspiring, and motivating. Thank you!

Marketing Specialist

An excellent mentor, she spends a lot of time analyzing and assessing situations.

I gained greater peace of mind and understanding that there are alternatives to the paths I have to choose for myself. The mentor provided steps to take and specific advice on annual job interviews with employees and indicated directions that I could select when changing my career. These are precisely the answers I was looking for. I recommend the mentor as efficient, empathetic, and consistent, offering specific advice on the issues raised. She possesses high sensitivity and understanding, which helps her address the mentee’s problems effectively. I especially appreciate the abundant, unsolicited information provided via email and mail in response to the questions I raised.

I recommend!

Leadership and Customer Success Professional

Sonata inspires self-confidence. I loved that we used multiple practices/tools to refine our goals. The signed agreement provides a sense of professionalism and security, which guarantees anonymity. Our communication with the mentor was immediate and pleasant. Thank you, Sonata.

Strategic ERP Advisor

My mentors’ insights and advice helped me crystallize my ideas and direct my energy in a constructive way. Moreover, Sonata was always there to open up new opportunities for me to step out of my comfort zone and further improve my skills.

I had the impression that she is able to adapt to her mentee’s needs and personality. Instead of overwhelming me with her own experience, insights and advice, instead of pointing at my mistakes, she simply applied gentle nudges, time after time reminding me to keep going forward. Patient reflections, abovementioned opportunities, a highly constructive feedback on my performance:  our cooperation significantly contributed to my improvement and provided an opportunity to begin understanding what mentorship is really about.

Training Manager and Communication Consultant

I have experience as a mentor myself, but not in developing a mentor system. I could have prepared certain elements on my own, but Sonata put together the entire picture from those elements. I see a significant benefit because the entire system is well thought out. I have all the information in one place and even a few steps ahead. The materials are prepared in detail and in a high-quality, professional manner. Even templates for letters, questions, and training are provided. Sonata even found and recommended a mentorship platform. This saved a lot of time and allowed us to start implementing the system when the business process required. All the structures and materials were created very quickly. Everything was completed on time and with additional help when we encountered difficulties. This makes Sonata very easy to trust!


The beginning was very strong and smooth because Sonata assessed the situation with the organization’s mentoring processes and listened carefully to our expectations for the desired results. This helped align our business goals with the mentoring program. Sonata continues to support the process by answering questions and brainstorming solutions for more complex situations, which allows us to improve the system continuously.


Sonata consistently asks for feedback and adjusts actions based on the information received. This helps save resources and time during the development of the new system and ensures a satisfactory outcome. There were definitely challenging moments, but it’s reassuring to always have support. I see mentoring gradually becoming a part of our organizational culture.

Founder of Networking Clubs

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