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I help companies reach sustainable development goals and succeed in all parts – environmental impact, human resource dimension, and ensuring economic prosperity.

Career program “SHIFT” -Break Free From Career Stagnation  

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I coach & mentor professionals who have doubts about their career change possibilities or don’t have the support and courage to do that.

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🔸I dedicate a portion of my time to supporting professionals who are ready to break free from career stagnation and aspire to transform their professional lives but still hesitate to take that leap because of:

✔️ Lack of Clarity

✔️ Uncertainty About Skills and Strengths

✔️ Fear of Change

✔️ Imposter Syndrome

✔️ Lack of Financial Planning

✔️ Lack of Support

✔️ Cultural Adjustment

✔️ Age or Experience Biases

✔️ …

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🔸Mentoring presents a powerful avenue for advancing each of the 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). By leveraging mentoring relationships, individuals and organizations make significant strides toward sustainability.

Mentoring programs play a vital role in advancing each pillar of sustainability.

✔️ In terms of environmental sustainability, mentoring facilitates knowledge transfer and skill development related to eco-friendly practices, such as waste reduction, energy conservation, and sustainable resource management. Mentors guide mentees in adopting environmentally responsible behaviors both in their personal lives and within organizational contexts.

✔️ For social sustainability, mentoring programs promote inclusivity, diversity, and community engagement. Mentors support and guide individuals from some groups, helping them access opportunities for education, employment, and social integration. Mentoring relationships also foster empathy, mutual respect, and understanding across diverse backgrounds, contributing to stronger, more cohesive communities.

✔️ In the realm of economic sustainability, mentoring facilitates career development, entrepreneurship, and financial literacy. Mentors share their expertise and networks to help mentees navigate career pathways, develop essential skills, and achieve economic independence. Additionally, mentoring programs focused on business and entrepreneurship support the growth of sustainable enterprises, guiding aspiring entrepreneurs in adopting socially and environmentally responsible business practices.

Overall, mentoring programs serve as powerful vehicles for promoting sustainability by empowering individuals to make positive changes in their lives, communities, and organizations across the environmental, social, and economic dimensions.

🔸Drawing from my experience as a mentee, mentor, manager, coach, and mentoring program manager, along with insights from leading experts in the field and research findings, I specialize in assessing already existing mentoring programs, designing new ones, and, consequently, nurturing a mentoring culture within organizations.



Kucin Louvigny

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🔸 Mentoring Program Manager

🔸 Educator

🔸 Author of the “SHIFT” program

My involvement in organizational mentoring began over 15 years ago. It started with my role as a mentee in an organization’s mentoring program for new employees. Over time, I transitioned into various roles, including mentor, creator of mentoring programs, manager, and consultant.

After several years into my mentoring journey, while collaborating with a group of 13 project managers that comprised both mentors and mentees, I observed deficiencies in our organization’s mentoring process. As a manager, I must acknowledge that this mismanagement unexpectedly impacted the development of new team members.

Subsequently, I delved deeper into this issue. I extensively researched mentoring by studying relevant literature, analyzing our organization’s mentoring practices, and engaging in discussions with mentors, mentees, department heads, and HR personnel. Through this process, I identified gaps and proposed solutions, which included organizing training sessions, developing methodical materials, and establishing a mentoring club to provide ongoing support and supervision for mentors.

My exploration of mentoring extended beyond practical considerations. I examined its alignment with scholarly insights and research findings. I pursued further education to deepen my understanding, culminating in a master’s thesis on mentoring leadership.

Blog - Mentoring Culture

Holding accreditation as a Mentoring Program Manager (Senior level) and Mentor/Coach (Practitioner level) from EMCC, I actively contribute to enhancing best practices in the field. Engaging with EMCC Global, the International Mentoring Association (IMA), and having served as a former board member of EMCC Luxembourg, I stay updated on global trends to ensure my approach remains cutting-edge.


🔸With my extensive background, I now specialize in analyzing and facilitating company culture transformation towards sustainability. I firmly believe that a Mentoring Strategy offers a rewarding pathway for organizations aspiring to embed sustainability into their DNA, nurturing the seeds of sustainability to flourish in everyday organizational practices.


🔸Drawing from my professional journey, which included a few career changes, I tailored the SHIFT career program for professionals seeking to overcome career stagnation; I integrate mentoring and coaching methodologies to offer a unique approach that draws from the strengths of both fields.


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🔸Training “How to create a Successful Mentoring Relationship?”

🔸Training “Boost the effectiveness of your mentoring programs through mentor’s accreditation.”

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