Mentoring the 2nd career

Can computers (artificial intelligence) be Coaches or Mentors?

Mentoring and


  • This was a question I heard one early morning when I joined a conference that had participants from different parts of the world. All of them were someway involved with mentoring or coaching.

So can they ?

We, humans, are learning:


  • How to be a Mentor or Coach


  • How to listen


  • How not to interrupt


  • How not to judge


 And computers don’t even need to learn any of that!

There were all sorts of opinions, and probably all of them were all right.

The discussion concluded that, at least for the time being, it can only be a great tool for self-reflection. Similar to certain coaching books that offer a sequence of questions, that we can ask ourselves.

Data protection is also worth bearing in mind:


  • A mentor or coach will keep all the information discussed during the meeting to himself/herself so that the risk of such information being leaked is minimal.


  • With computers, many more people will have access to this data. And that’s not even counting the possibility of data theft.


Confidentiality is therefore already considerably weakened.

Perhaps in the near future, we will have more and more of these tools, and there will be somebody who will require them. Just as self-help books are suitable at the moment.


What do you think about computers being mentors in our near future?

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