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Mentoring Program vs Mentoring Culture

Why do organizations should to create a Mentoring culture instead of a Mentoring program?

It is surprising that even those organizations that have already felt the benefits of the Mentoring program do not use it more than just for one or another target group.


Why can only new employees gather the benefits of Mentoring in an organization? Or just executives? Or those who are referred to in the organization as “talents”?

Why is mentoring not available throughout the organization and for a wide variety of target groups? Why do we not allow informal mentoring to spread? Why do we not promote it? Why do we not give the tools to do that? We do not use the work, competencies that have already been acquired during formal mentoring.


It is quite known that the benefits of formal and informal mentoring are slightly different. Why don’t we combine everything so we can enjoy the benefits of both?

I’m sure you haven’t just thought about it yet. Or your organization isn’t ready for it yet and expecting preparatory steps is a must in anticipation of success.

Is your organization prepared for the Mentoring Culture?

Mentoring experts can create an amazing, potentially highly effective mentoring program for you. But it is also crucial to know what your organization’s situation is today. Will we be able to implement that program today? Perhaps this program would only suit your organization after a few years of consistent work.

In the beginning, it is very important to have a good analysis of the basis you are resisting in creating and nurturing a Mentoring culture in your business.

You will not create it in a day or a week. But if you start today, you’ll build faster than if you start in half a year.

What is the situation of your organization in the field of Mentoring?

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