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Mentor and mentee

What is Mentoring?  Part 2


These are two different approaches to mentoring.


American model.

The American model is dominated by sponsorship. In it, the mentor is on a step or even a few steps above the mentee, who has achieved a lot in his field. The essential thing in such mentoring is advice. The mentor advises the mentee, indicates what and how the mentee should do, “opens the door for him,” i. e. involves in certain projects, introduces certain people, etc. So the mentor dominates.


European Model.

The European model of mentoring is based on its concept dating back to ancient times. The Odyssey of Homer. The real mentor here was Athena, the goddess of wisdom, strategy and war, patroness of arts, crafts and science. She helped the right soldiers in a patronizing way. By talking to Odysseus and his son Telemach, she helps them become wiser.

Thus, in the European model of mentoring, mentoring is identified as helping the more experienced one through a non-directive conversation in order to become wiser to both. Through speaking, reflecting.

Both are equal interlocutors.

Yes, the mentor has more experience in the particular field in which he is mentoring. But his goal is not to impose his experience, but to understand the context of mentee, thanks to his experience to ask mentee more accurate questions that help to better understand the situation, while looking for a way forward. And grow together every time.


Before designing a Mentoring program it is very important to think what do you really need.


I invite you to tell me, what kind of mentoring program will be the best option for your organization?

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