Mentoring Process 1

How to choose a Mentor? Part 2


What do we have, in Mentoring program?

Our Mentoring program is well designed and managed:


  • We designed our mentoring programs according to the standards. They have all parts of the mentoring cycle.
  • Our mentoring programs are managed. We have a mentoring program manager who cares about it.
  • We understand that a good professional is not automatically will be a good mentor. We know, that a mentor needs certain competencies, not just to have experience in some field.

Can mentoring still, have a negative impact?

A blind spot

So, where can a blind spots be? The ones, that we didn’t see and didn’t think about?


One of them is  that when we select mentors we often don’t think about whether they are ambassadors of our organization.

We just focus on their professional experience and further, we do help them to develop their competencies as mentors.

Do they represent our organization, our values? Do they support the organization?

Do mentors believe in what the organization works for? Do they understand and support the purpose of organization?

Naturally, the mentor passes on to the mentee not only his excellent knowledge in the field but also his point of view about the organization.

What worth thinking about?

  • When we select the mentors for the program it’s worth thinking are they are ambassadors for our organization. Do they act according to the values of the organization?
  • Just then let’s evaluate their experience, competencies in the specific field.
  • And then his competencies as a mentor. If necessary, we can help them improve in this area.

Can you say that mentors are ambassadors for your organization? That it look important to you?

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