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🔸I enable organizations to transform their culture

🔸I help pros’ to Step Into the Next Career Chapter🌂

Mentoring Expert

EMCC Global Accredited Mentoring Program Manager |  Mentor&Coach

HR Business Partner  




International Mentoring Association

November 2019- Present

European Mentoring and Coaching Council

January 2018 – Present

First Toastmasters of Lithuania

October 2013 – October -2015

Editorial 1

2021 –

International Mentoring Association Symposium under the theme Mentoring Reimagined on the topic “Can Mentoring Have a Negative Impact?”, USA

Conference Speaker


Editorial 2

2018 –

International Coaching, Mentoring and Supervision Research Conference, University of Chester, UK

Conference Speaker


Editorial 3

2016   –

Management of the Mentoring Process in Vilnius City Secondary Schools

„PEDAGOGY“ Vol 123, No 3

Editorial 4

2015   –

About Mentoring,

Lithuanian National Radio and Television (LRT)


Accreditation as Program Manager Senior Practitioner

EMCC Accredited Programme Manager at Senior Practitioner Level

Accreditation as Mentor Practitioner

EMCC Accredited Mentor/Coach at Practitioner level

Accreditation as Mentor Practitioner

🌂20+ years experience in project and program management, education, mentoring, and coaching.

🌂15+ years ago, I began by reinventing the wheel in mentoring, crafting my own approach, and gaining practical experience by analyzing and changing one public company’s mentoring program, where I worked at that moment.
Then my next step was immersing myself in the realm of theory and studying the works of other mentoring experts. For that, I came back to the university and wrote a master’s thesis about the management of the mentoring process.

Since then, I have remained deeply engaged in changing the culture of public and private companies by demonstrating the significance of mentoring to boost employee engagement, reduce turnover, foster inclusion and collaboration, build community, and aid in business scalability. I also point out the importance of ensuring that your mentors are ambassadors of your company and that you manage the mentoring process well. 

What can I do for you?

🔸I analyze and facilitate the transformation of the company’s culture towards sustainability and consult on various mentoring topics.
For companies that care about their employees and seek to embed sustainability into their organization’s DNA, there is a rewarding way—the Mentoring Strategy—to help the seeds of sustainability grow into the organizations’ daily lives.

🔸Using the SHIFT program, I support professionals ready to remember their inner worth and step into the next career chapter.
I integrate both mentoring and coaching methodologies to offer a unique approach that draws from the strengths of both fields.

Sonata Kucin


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