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  Mentoring Expert

Mentoring Program Manager🔸Career Mentor & Coach🔸Educator🔸Author



International Mentoring Association

November 2019- Present

European Mentoring and Coaching Council

January 2018 – Present

First Toastmasters of Lithuania

October 2013 – October -2015

🔸 Consultations for companies that seek to embed sustainability into their organization’s DNA

🔸Coaching/Mentoring in Career SHIFT for professionals ➡️ Break free from career stagnation


Editorial 1

2021 –

International Mentoring Association Symposium under the theme Mentoring Reimagined on the topic “Can Mentoring Have a Negative Impact?”, USA

Conference Speaker


Editorial 2

2018 –

International Coaching, Mentoring and Supervision Research Conference, University of Chester, UK

Conference Speaker


Editorial 3

2016   –

Management of the Mentoring Process in Vilnius City Secondary Schools

„PEDAGOGY“ Vol 123, No 3

Editorial 4

2015   –

About Mentoring,

Lithuanian National Radio and Television (LRT)


Accreditation as Program Manager Senior Practitioner

EMCC Accredited Programme Manager at Senior Practitioner Level

Accreditation as Mentor Practitioner

EMCC Accredited Mentor/Coach at Practitioner level

Accreditation as Mentor Practitioner


 15+ years in the Mentoring field!

Founder 🔸Mentoring Program Manager 🔸 Career change Mentor & Coach

SMC Consulting

January 2012- Present

🔸Training for HR partners “How to create a Successful Mentoring program?”
🔸Training for Mentors and Mentees “How to create a Successful Mentoring Relationship?”
🔸Mentoring Program Health Check ➡️ Is your mentoring program operating effectively?
We provide support and consultation for evaluating and upgrading Mentoring programs.
🔸Mentoring programs design and launch.
🔸Onboarding training for mentors and mentees.
🔸Consultations and Mentoring:
✔️ How can Mentoring reshape a company’s culture, boost employee engagement, reduce turnover, foster inclusion and collaboration, and aid in business scalability, among other benefits?
✔️How do we scale a business and transmit all organizational culture, not just operations?
✔️ How can you supercharge the effectiveness of your Mentoring Program through Mentors’ accreditation?
🔸 Coaching/Mentoring in Career SHIFT for professionals.

Board Member, Accreditation Manager

EMCC Luxembourg

January 2022- June 2023

🔸As an accreditation manager, I ensured a smooth accreditation process for EMCC Luxembourg members by providing information, guiding them during preparation, and organizing the 5-Day challenge. This helped participants understand the accreditation requirements and prepare all needed documents.
🔸As a board member, I fulfilled my duties by ensuring the effective fulfillment of our mission. I also served as an ambassador for mentoring, advocating for a balance between coaching and mentoring within the organization.
🔸Additionally, I was a member of the EMCC Global Individual Accreditation (EIA) workgroup.

Section coordinator, educator

European School of Luxembourg I

September 2015 – September 2024

Program Manager

European Social Fund Agency,

Project management Department

October 2007 – August 2015

🔸I managed the implementation of the “Strengthening of Capacities of Researchers” program and a team of 10-13 project managers overseeing approximately 130 projects.

My role also involved:
– preparing comments on project call documents and legal acts under preparation; improvement of procedures;
– monitoring the preparation, amendment, and signing of program/project implementation contracts;
– resolving issues related to the program operators, program partners, and other institutions involved in project implementation;
– preparing, inspecting, and submitting reports on program implementation to the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Lithuania and the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Lithuania;
– representing the Agency in other relevant bodies as required;

🔸Additionally, I analyzed the company’s mentoring program, identified gaps, and proposed solutions, which included organizing training sessions, developing methodical materials, and establishing a Mentoring Club to provide ongoing support and supervision for mentors. Also, I shared this experience with other public and private companies.

Project Manager

European Social Fund Agency, 

Project management Department

November 2006 – October 2007

🔸I led  implementation of 15 projects in the field of Education under the „Lifelong Learning “ Program.
The role involved the following responsibilities:
– evaluating applications;
– preparing and amending the contracts for the implementation of the assigned projects;
– advising applicants on project implementation and application preparation;
– verifying relevant information in payment documents;
– examining and presenting conclusions on project procurement documents and contracts;
– conducting on-site inspections of projects;
– compiling reports and providing relevant information and documents;
– participating in the audit process and furnishing required information and documents;



November 2003 – November 2006


“Medeina” primary school

September 1997 – November 2006

“Saulė” private gymnasium

September 1999 – May 2004

Sonata Kucin


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